What do you know about Falls and Preventing them?

What do you know about Falls and Preventing them?

In my 8 years of working here I have literally fallen for this place. Maybe I’m a little clumsy…maybe I’m a little absent minded, the jury is still out. I do know that I am guilty of falling more than a few times and having the privilege of using our wonderful workers compensation benefit as a Piedmont Healthcare employee. It doesn’t take much to cause a tumble, but the results can be astounding and cause you to have to modify your life while you recover. For example, a few years ago I was rushing around and I tripped over some weights that I had overlooked. I knew immediately that I didn’t just stub my toe because three of my toes immediately were swollen as well as my forefoot. After some x-rays I had broken the bone above my fourth toe (that bone is called the 4th metatarsal) on my right foot. Not only did I have to wear a boot for two months, but everything in my life was impacted. I had to allow someone else to run in my place for the Mercedes-Bens Marathon Relay, I had plans to go to Chicago the following week which I got to walk around in my not so cute boot (LOL), I had to attend a few wedding party events in flats that were a little too snug for my liking, and it was painful to exercise which impacted not only my own fitness but also my work here to service our awesome members. It took about 8 months before I could run without pain and a lot of days where I was mentally unmotivated to leave the couch in addition to the fear of hurting myself even more. Since then I have fallen in the pump room resulting in spraining my right hand/wrist, slipped outside carting in some towels spraining my other wrist, and one time I even smashed my hand in the towel return. All in all accidents happen, we recover from them, and hopefully we ultimately learn something from them. Because of these accidents I practice my balance activities multiple times a day even when I am brushing my teeth in the morning. Although I am glad those days are far behind me, I recently read an article about CDC’s Steadi Intiative. 

Many of our members love our Tai Chi classes and love our instructor Young Washington. Starting this September Young is returning on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9am for Tai Chi 1 and on Sundays for Tai Chi 2. Join us in welcoming him back to Piedmont and if you take a class let us know how you liked it. Leave us a comment here or send me an email: sharrell.porter@piedmont.org


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