Staying Active While Traveling

Staying Active While Traveling
  1. When your transportation has a waiting period… meaning your bus stopped for lunch or a bathroom break, your flight is delayed, or your hanging out by the pool until the next activity. After the variety of hours you tend to eat delicious local food and sit and wait these are the perfect times to move!
    • Do 15 -20 sit to stands (Squats)
    • Find a sturdy table or counter-top and bust out 20 push ups
    • March in place or along the beach (lift the knees high)…it challenges your balance when the sand moves under your feet
    • Stretch – keep the blood flowing to all the parts your haven’t been moving
      • Shake and nod the head
      • Hip circles
      • Side bends and twisting of the torso
      • Reach down and touch the toes
      • Calf stretches
  2. Bring portable equipment with you:
    • A resistance band is so light and easy to slip into your luggage without adding a pound
    • Hiking shoes just in case you want to go for a nice brisk walk
    • A lacrosse or tennis ball in case you do have a stiff muscle that needs to a little self-massage
  3. Add some games to your itinerary. As you explore to places you travel to allow a few fitness challenges:
    • For every 10 people with hats- do 10 squats
    • Every 5 street worker you see – 5 push ups
      • Every 8 pictures you take – 8 burpees

With these things in mind you will earn your lunch and dinner everyday. You may even gain a few new friends wondering what you are doing. All in all enjoy your travels and embrace the people who will stare at you or invite them to join in.


How do you stay fit when you are out of town? Comment below!

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