Day 1, Let’s Go!

Day 1, Let’s Go!

This is day 1 of new and great things for you. This is NOT a weight loss program. It is the beginning of a new way of life. We’re here to assist you as you journey towards wellness.  A vital, and often times missing first step in undertaking this journey is a thorough self-assessment. It’s simply assessing your own readiness to make this major lifestyle change. What’s my motivation? Have I attempted this before and failed? Do I have an adequate support system? Will my schedule allow for this new commitment? What attitudes and perspectives do I need to change regarding sleep, eating, and exercise? What are my potential barriers? How will I handle those barriers? What will I do when I’m just not motivated? It seems like a lot, but it’s a necessary first step. Most of us plan our budgeting to see if we’ll be able to meet all of our financial obligations. Should we approach our health differently?

In Army basic training my drill sergeant gave us the “7 P’s.” He told us, following them would grant us success in just about everything we were given to do. I encourage you to follow them during this challenge. They are “prior proper planning prevents piss poor performance.” Plan your meals.  Plan your time in the gym.  Plan to use the stairs instead of the elevator.  Plan to be disciplined at that social gathering you’ll be going to that will have food EVERYWHERE.  Plan to drink plenty of water each day.  Plan to take an extra long walk on the day you fell off the wagon with your eating. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  Count the cost of this commitment. It doesn’t matter how you start. What matters is whether or not you gave your best effort and if you’re committed to finishing what you started.  Let’s go!

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