It’s Not Too Late To Change!

It’s Not Too Late To Change!

Here are a few inspirational stories:

Exercise and Nutrition Saved My Life | My Transformation at Seventy Years Old – YouTube

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99-Year-Old STILL Works Out | Pumped – YouTube


Don’t believe that “I’m too far gone” or “I can’t do this at my age” or “I’m behind and should be further along”.  You can start right now, where you are, and accomplish amazing things!  Believe for the best, employ discipline, and build your support system.  There’s a saying that “slow” is the fastest way to get to where you want to go.  Be the tortoise, not the hare.  The time will pass anyway so you might as well be working towards a better you.  Being consistent regardless of how you feel while keeping your goal in mind will enable you to reap the rewards of your efforts.  Healthier habits can look something like this:

  • Prioritizing sleep over late night events/TV
  • Foregoing alcohol when eating out
  • Making a point to workout on vacation or at conferences
  • Cooking at home during the week
  • Preferring to walk whenever you can
  • Taking to the stairs at every opportunity
  • Prioritizing workouts as must-dos

It’s not too late to work on being a better you!

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