Healthy Strategies That Support Wellness

Healthy Strategies That Support Wellness

It’s common practice to work on being healthier temporarily in the interest of losing weight, fitting into a clothing size, or attending a class reunion.  What’s less common is seeing people make healthy changes that last a lifetime.  We encourage you to form habits, and then let those habits form you.  But take it slow!  Too much change too fast is a recipe for failure.  Adopt one healthy change at a time and make it a normal part of what you do.  The key word there is “adopt.”  Adoption of a person or a pet require time and MAJOR adjustments.  The same holds true when adopting new habits.  Take it one step at a time, then move on to the next change.  Over time you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how far you’ve come!  Wellness looks different for everyone.  Below are some strategies to consider:


  • Watch a movie or your favorite show while using exercise equipment – “Netflix & Cardio”
  • When grocery shopping, avoid buying the things that derail your healthy eating habits
  • Set and stick to metric goals using your Apple watch, Fitbit, or other tracker
  • Enlist friends and family to join you in the nutrition and exercise habits
  • Follow fitness/health related social media accounts so wellness stays on your mind
  • Create the habit of drinking water, even when you’re not thirsty
  • Hire a meal prep service if cooking at home is a time suck
  • Set a consistent bedtime so you’re sleeping instead of snacking
  • Create the habit of going for a 15 minute walk after dinner
  • Limit treats to only your favorite indulgent foods
  • Decide to prefer the stairs over the elevator
  • Surround yourself with people who will push you to be better

Walk/jog a marathon (26.2 miles) over the course of 7 days!  That’s just under 4 miles per day.  You can do it!

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